Last year when I set up JaJaJa Books, I was fairly knowledgeable about social media but had never been a user of twitter. After a lot of persuasion from other more technologically minded people, I joined the world of twitterdom. At first I felt incredibly lost and out of the loop and then slowly I began to find other like minded language types, parents interested in teaching their little ones Spanish, schools, children’s clubs and also business mentors and entrepreneurs.

I wondered if I should start following inspiring business people to see what advice they may give out in their tweets, which ened up in me stumbling across the Women on Wednesday award with Jacqueline Gold. This is where the chief executive of Ann Summers and now Knickerbox picks three businesses ran by women that she really likes and wants to support. She then retweets about the business to all her twitter fans. I decided to try and catch her attention by writing about my bilingual books with a difference and how they encourage children to learn Spanish earlier in a fun and engaging way. You can imagine how I felt when after my first attempt I won!! I was able to put my winners badge on my website and my fan base on twitter grew considerably. What I didn’t realise is that at the end of each year Jacqueline Gold

then chooses her three favourite WOW winners for 2011 and would you believe it….JaJaJa books got picked! I believe in my books passionately but when you receive acknowledgement off of one of Britain’s most successful business women, then it boosts your confidence no end. I was absolutely elated and even more so when I found out the three business women she picked will be meeting her at the Ivy for lunch and mentoring! I have so many questions for her and I want to tell her that receiving this award has made me realise and appreciate that it’s not just me that believes in my product and the benefit of language learning. I will also take and show her the heart warming testimonials that I receive from lovely parents.

Hard work will always pay off and you should never give up on what you believe in.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
Dalai Lama XIV