When I started JaJaJa Books, I never realised how much effort is needed to get your name out there.

The story writing is the easy bit! As a self publisher you take on an enormous amount of responsibility. Not only do you need to get your books into print, but you have to market them and sell them too. There are many areas of business that you have to get up to speed with quickly- PR, marketing, social media, buying and selling, accounts to name just a few!

For me I find I absolutely love everything about it, but I do work hard. I must say however, seeing children’s faces when they are shouting out Spanish to me and laughing and dancing does not always feel like work.


What means an awful lot is when all your hard work gets recognised. You can imagine how thrilled I was to be voted resource of the week by TES- the Times Educational Supplement.



I know the books work and I see how it helps children start to learn and become interested in a second language but this acknowledgement makes all the hard work worth it.


Now to publish my French stories…….