Well it has been a particularly busy two weeks over at JaJaJa HQ. Enlisting new people to work with JaJaJa Books and expanding the business!

You can never forget though why you started your business and what your passion is that keeps you going. Mine has always been to write and to encourage children to learn languages earlier whilst making it a fun experience. That is why when La Tasca offered to let us come and do a special Easter Spanish session there, I jumped at the chance. 16 children came along to listen to bilingual stories, do flashcard work, count Easter eggs in Spanish, do Spanish arts and crafts and finish off with some dancing!







La Tasca then kindly put on a demonstration of “how to make paella” with their very own chef, which each child has a taste of. It went down a treat and they all went home smiling with their very own T -shirt and certificate. Who knew language learning could be so much fun…







This week JaJaJa Books visited the London Book Fair for the first time and met some great people. Seeing other publishers and the wonderful books out there has just given me inspiration to become bigger, better and to keep promoting foreign language learning ….. VAMOS!