We have always said how our books fit into so many areas of life, be it at home as a fun story, at school to help introduce children to a language through story time, in Spanish restaurants to keep children entertained and of course while travelling and being on holiday.

The books were always designed with children in mind. As we get older we can often forget how to look through a child’s eyes and want books with sophisticated illustrations in pastel colours, or a good sturdy hardback for our bookshelf. When we designed our books, we thought of illustrations that children would be able to copy, bright colours, lightweight for little hands and small/bendy/easy wipe books which can easily be taken on holiday and that fit into small rucksacks or school bags!








The story line talks of a child going on holiday and meeting a friend who teaches them some new foreign vocabulary. We were therefore extremely pleased to find that a major airline loved our audio book and they will be featuring it onboard as a choice of inflight entertainment in August- more news nearer the time!

It will be wonderful to think of little flyers listening to our books all over the world up in the sky.

This is why when we get information from across the shores we like to feature them, especially when they talk about bilingualism- take a look at some of the interesting statistics that we were sent the other day http://www.bestcollegesonline.com/bingualism-across-us

JaJaJa may have started off small but we are getting out there poco a poco and promoting language learning everywhere- we are definitely on the up!