WOW what an adventure we have been having lately. From small beginnings, who’d have thought we would be sitting in the middle of Stansted doing a story time with Easyjet!

We turned up with our books and props and met with the PR agency for Easyjet. We set up our “story corner” and met with the photographer and commercial director. Soon after, we saw 7 little learners from High House nursery making their way through the airport in their neat blue t-shirts.

Everybody sat down and the story time began. It went extremely well and the nursery teacher was very impressed with how they grasped the Spanish. The flashcards went down a storm too, particularly when the picture of the AVION came up! There is nothing better than to see the intense concentration of a 4 year old’s face looking up at you when you are reading a story.


Who knows what happens from here…watch this espacio!