We have loved the response that we received for our first two books, “Lucy and Lucia Play Hide and Seek” and “Phillip and Felipe Become Best Amigos”. Parents constantly write in saying how their child has picked up lots of new Spanish words and generally started to show a real interest in languages. That is why we decided to expand the range sooner rather than later by introducing a French story.

Amelia and Amélie is written in our JaJaJa  style- predominantly in English with French slipped into context, so that children can learn through the fun story. A pronunciation guide is also included in the back  to give parents/teachers and children that extra bit of confidence. We know our books work and if we can find any way to start children off on a language learning journey earlier, then all the better!

Keep your eyes peeled for our soon to be released “Anthony and Antoine and Their French Adventure” which will also be hitting the shelves!