Yesterday after lots of planning, we arrived at La Tasca in Covent Garden, ready for an action packed, bilingual day!

We set up our JaJaJa story corner whilst Olé Kids organised their Spanish activities. At 10.30 sharp the wonderful Elen Rivas turned up and helped us before all the children began to arrive.

Lots of mini linguists started to turn up ready to learn Spanish and slowly the room filled up!

We began by reading our stories and then Elen took hold of our Spanish flashcards and encouraged the children to shout out the Spanish words. They absolutely loved it! Meanwhile across the room Olé kids were teaching the children songs and what goes into a Paella.

Elen Rivas and JaJaJa! for website







We then gathered all the children for a dance, as they shook their instruments to the sound of La Cucaracha!

To finish off the activities Elen Rivas and Lola of Olé kids held up a massive piñata whilst all the kids had a good bash at it until 100s of sweeties fell on the floor for them all to gather up.

By this time the gorgeous smells of a paella cooking were starting to waft into the room, so all the children sat down and enjoyed the freshly cooked dish made by La Tasca Covent Garden.

Even the press turned up to take photos which proves learning foreign languages is growing in popularity. It was so lovely to see so many parents interested in Spanish and we all had such an enjoyable time. Elen was an absolute star and was happily chatting away in Spanish- a true bilingual as her English is perfect too!

All in all it was an entirely successful day with the proceeds going to the NSPCC.  We hope to do it again and again-  so look out for an event in a La Tasca near you soon!