Mini Sponges

Spanish classes for children

Based in Colchester, we offer 6 week courses of Spanish classes for children. Our lessons are fun and interactive, including songs, games and craft!

Each six week course costs £30 and takes place on a Monday 4-4.45 at Jungle Adventure, Moss Rd, Stanway, Colchester CO3 0LE

Often when we speak to people about their experiences with learning languages, they don’t often say it was a good one. This early experience can sometimes affect a person’s willingness to learn a foreign language and that’s why we make our lessons fun and enjoyable. Your first taste of language learning is vitally important.

Mini Sponges are classes that aim to take the pressure off of ‘forced language learning’ with the children learning more through play, songs and craft. We believe in semi immersion so some things are explained in English and Spanish. We start with a hello song, we then introduce ourselves with puppets and then we learn about the theme of the day. This then leads onto the craft session and we finish off with games ( this wouldn’t work well at the beginning of the lesson!!) and we end with our goodbye song.

Examples of our songs can be found here and the games we play, may be bingo, what’s the time mr wolf, colour parachute or robots – all in Spanish.
Each term has a theme and so in turn the craft reflects that. Take a look at our pictures here to see examples of the children getting involved.

Our students range from age 4-9 years old and we like to see them work as a team and help each other along, which they do naturally.
We have had returning mini customers for over 3 years as they love it so much and this is exactly what we want. We like the children to enjoy themselves, learn through play and overall have a long lasting wonderful first experience of language tuition.

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