I have always had a passion for  languages and have  always loved working with children. After a varied work history, spanning from teaching to tennis kids’ clubs, I found myself in a position where I had to make a decision. Should I follow my dream or go back to private tuition? After a lot of encouragement, I began to write my children’s stories and then…..I couldn’t stop! All my ideas started pouring out of my brain as if they had been caught up in a bundle for years and were starting to unravel. I had lived in Spain for years and saw how it wasn’t uncommon for children to be brought up bilingually and thought- we need to encourage this in England. Teaching a second language to a child that isn’t immersed in that language is not always easy and children are brighter than we think. They know if something is being forced on them and they don’t like it! After studying child language acquisition it has been proven that no matter how many times you correct a child saying “I just readed that”, they won’t change their grammar until they are ready! So I knew that language learning would have to be made fun and engaging. When those children are sat in front of me in the class at storytime with their little expectant faces, waiting to shout out the Spanish words and do  the actions, I know it’s working and that makes my job so much easier and enjoyable. It’s business but boy is it pleasurable too!