Just a quick one as things are really busy here at JaJaJa HQ but we wanted to let you know about our win…

Last Sunday we entered Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday competition and we won! Every Sunday he picks 6 businesses and then they can become part of an exclusive SBS group, advertise on the website, receive support and go to an incredible event where we get to meet Theo himself, plus many other mentors.

It’s a wonderful feeling winning a competition like this as it really makes you realise that people are valuing your work and acknowledging that you are a small business making a BIG  difference. We should all take languages seriously be it Spanish, French or BSL!

Keep a look out on our blog for news on our wonderful launch event of ‘Ranvir Cannot Hear’ at the GO4 cafe, Colchester.


Once again thanks for all your support!