I always realised that by learning languages I could travel and make new friends, as I would know how to communicate with the people of that country. It’s such a liberating feeling and people really do appreciate it when you make that extra effort. Your language ability doesn’t have to be perfect and it’s amazing how you can strike up a conversation with someone in a foreign language and get by, by guessing or using your hands!

 What I didn’t realise by starting JaJaJa Books was how it would lead me to make great friends in this country too! Not only have I discovered a wonderful community of Spanish speakers but I have also met English people with a real drive to learn a language and to encourage children to learn Spanish earlier too. Sharon Jackson is just one of those people- she had lived abroad with her family and found being older slowed down her learning experience, but she got there in the end through sheer detrmination and has been writing a wonderful book about it-see her blog http://lazyspanishlearning.com/category/learn-spanish-for-kids-2/ 

We met each other after she found my book in Red Lion Book Shop Colchester and then decided to contact me and it seems we are both on exactly the same page! So don’t wait for too long to introduce yourself or your children to a new language as it can bring so many other opportunities to your door when you do.