I have been sitting down this week really trying to put all my expansion ideas into my business plan ready for my meeting with Jacqueline Gold next week in London. I am so incredibly excited, slightly nervous and just can’t wait to tell her more about JaJaJa Books and my ideas.

After only self publishing last year, I feel I have come a long way and was very pleased to be asked to be author of the day at Sainsbury’s Colchester last week for World Book Day. It really was a turning point for me as I sat there telling stories to little expectant faces in a major supermarket chain!

This is why it is so important for me to prepare myself next week for this important meeting. My books really work and the feedback I get is amazing and quite overwhelming at times, therefore I need to be able get that message across.

I do however think Jacqueline has already realised the potential of JaJaJa Books and the importance of getting children in Britain to start learning languages earlier….after all we wouldn’t have been chosen as a WOW winner if not!