Here at JaJaJa HQ we are very excited about the arrival of our new flashcards!







When I first started doing story times I made up some cards to use, unsure as to whether children would learn Spanish from them or not. I couldn’t believe the response I got when I held up the pictures and got them to shout out the Spanish word. The children loved it, they enjoyed being tested and seeing if they could say it right. Even more so when I let them hold their own card. What I did notice was that little hands like to bend/crease cards and often the cardboard packaging they come in gets bent at the same time and is hard when they try to slip the cards back in. This prompted me to invent my own cards. Not only do they have the picture on one side and the word on the other, they also include a pronunciation guide and come in a neat, brightly coloured, orange organza bag which is easy for little hands!

Keep your eyes peeled for them on our website along with a fabulous promotion too! VAMOS!