OK so it may not seem entirely appropriate associating Ann Summers with children’s books but all is not as it seems…

As you may know JaJaJa Books won a Women On Wednesday twitter award with Jacqueline Gold last year which resulted in us meeting up with her in March. She is a fantastic supporter of women in business and went on to give us the wonderful opportunity of heading down to the Ann Summers HQ this month to speak to all the different, relevant departments- ecommerce, PR, distribution and much more.


We also then had the chance to meet her father David Gold. He told us how proud he was to have such high achieving, strong daughters and went on to comment on how he is surrounded by expert business women- including Karren Brady -vice chairman of West Ham United.



Lastly we had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa Gold, Jacqueline’s sister and managing director of Ann Summers. She was truly inspirational in her approach to business and her advice that she gave us. One thing really rang true and that was to never forget your passion and your goal and why you started the business. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are-your main goals and values should remain the same.

We are obviously running a business that we would like to be successful but we started it because we want children to start learning languages earlier. If every child can just get a taste of what it is like to learn a foreign language before they are 7 years old, then we will be happy. If they then take it up later on at school too then we will be even happier!! Languages open up the world to your child and with that comes massive opportunities, so get them started!