I often get asked what I do and when I tell them I write stories to help children learn Spanish and French, I inevitably get into a discussion about languages.

This happened only the other day when a man told me how he would have loved to have learnt a language when he was younger. I asked why he didn’t and he told me how he found it hard at school, that the teacher was very strict and he didn’t seem like he was enjoying teaching his class! He went on to say how he wished he had concentrated more and stuck at it as his one regret is that he has never learnt to speak in any other language.

I hear this frequently, which I find really sad. It is why I try and encourage parents to introduce a language to their child earlier. Not only will it be easier for them in the long run but it can become a fun activity for them- something they can liken to a sport or dance class.

Our Mini Sponges Spanish pilot class starts in just under a week and we can’t wait! We are certain that the children will come away after having enjoyed an hour of a fun cultural experience where they have picked up some great language skills along the way.







For more information on our Colchester classes please contact us at hello@jajaja-books.com