We had some wonderful entries to our story competition and we are busy putting together their prizes. Our runner up was Evie Barker-Brown with her lovely story about her holiday and in FIRST place was Summer Humphreys. See below her fantastic story ….

Summer Story

“One day Summer and Bunnet the bunny decided to go on holiday. They was very excited as it was there first time away from home. They packed their bags and headed out of what looked like a normal door but in fact it lead them to a beach which had pots of honey and chocolate birds in the tree. Bunnet and summer loved eating all the honey and chocolate which was delicious. They swam with the fishes and ate loads of ice cream which was chocolate of course, then they were so tired they slept under the tree. All they could hear was the tweet tweet from the birds then suddenly they awoke to hear mum calling Summer, Bunnet we will be late for the train, if you do not hurry up. Summer and Bunnet looked at each other and smiled and as they went to get up a chocolate bird fell out of Summer’s pocket. They both looked at each other and said was it  dream or was it real.”

The end